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Re: Versioned Symbols

> What about it would avoid libssl0.9.6 problems?  Nothing I saw would
> solve the problems of multiple versions of a library ending up linked
> into the same process except the symbol versioning portion, which is
> what I'm advocating here but you seem to be against while offering
> 'solutions' that either don't deal with the problem at all or only solve
> a portion of it.

Following libpkg-guide will avoid future similar problems.
To work around libssl problem, you can certainly use 
symbol versioning.

You could also take an approach of pulling out libssl-dev,
and making packages to Build-Depend on libssl0.9.7-dev libssl0.9.6-dev
explicitly, and starting to rebuild packages against them.

That way, within Debian, it is not possible to build a package
that is simultaneously linked against libssl0.9.6 and libssl0.9.7.

That is what libpkg-guide documents.


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