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Re: request for status report

Bdale Garbee writes ("request for status report"):
> Hello.  You are receiving this email either because I've delegated some task
> to you explicitly as Debian Project Leader in the past year, or because your 
> name is listed at
> 	http://www.debian.org/intro/organization

Sorry for the delay replying, in particular sorry that I didn't make
your deadline of the 15th.  Here's my reply, with my Technical
Committee Chairman hat on.

>From our web page:

 The Technical Committee is established by the Debian Constitution,
 section 6.  We are the body which makes the final decision on
 technical disputes in the Debian project.

Some statistics:

 Membership: 7
 Active membership: 6
   We will shortly be issuing a call for applications to get the active
   membership to the full strength of 8.

 Formal technical decisions: 2
 Formally overruled maintainer: 1 (first time ever)
 Issues where buck passed elsewhere: 1
 Issues outstanding: 1
 Issues resolved during discussions: several
   I'm glad to say that our processes, while obviously contentious,
   seem to have gone reasonably well, with a generally high standard
   of discussion and courtesy.

In the forthcoming year I hope we can raise the profile of the
tech-ctte, both by the call for applications and the application
process, and perhaps by explicit announcement.

It would be nice to say that we expect to radically reduce the time
spent on each issue, but I think that's unrealistic.


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