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Barfmail when trying to reach to Ian Jackson

My apologies, but I got caught out when an RBL-style blacklist
operator (of a blacklist shut down by a lawsuit threat) decided to
suddenly start blacklisting the whole internet.  I thought I was
keeping an eye on the relevant places where such things might be
announced, but apparently not closely enough.

Anyway, so if you tried to mail me and got this message

  550 Your site is realtime-blacklisted (inputs.orbz.org: Mail
  rejected because the server you are sending to is misconfigured.)

then it was my fault (in some sense, anyway) and I'd appreciate it if
you'd resend it now that I've fixed the problem.

As ever, if you have any kind of problem mailing me, please mail
postmaster@chiark.greenend.org.uk and I'll help figure out what the
problem is, and fix it if it's at my end.  That address bypasses all
the policy filtering, of course, and gets a lot more rapid attention
than most of my other addresses.


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