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Re: Bug#161931: kernel-image-2.4.19-k7: VESA driver for console


        I would like to add the dissenting opinion:
 Though I personally would probably include vesafb and fbcron in the
 kernel, I don't think I have heard strong enough arguments to justify
 overriding the maintainers judgment:
 a) Not every possible modules is included in even our modular
    kernels; people have to compile custom kernels for various
    hardware components
 b) Not all file systems are compiled into the kernel
 c) I do not see why vesafb users are special, and root on JFS people
    are not; why the former can't compile their own kerels, the latter
 d) Most users douse X,
 e) people can also use text consoles if they do not use X.

	I have not seen compelling arguments why one things vesa users
 are special, or indeed, numerous; not enough to convince me to
 substitute my own judgment over the person responsible for the
 package, and who does all the work for maintaining it. Historically,
 the debian developer has been allowed a fair degree of autonomy over
 their package; this is not really a technical problem, really, it is a
 judgment call; and I think we should strive not to override a
 developer unless we have more than gut feelings and opinions.

	For this reason, I hereby vote against the proposal. 

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