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Re: Supporting Debian - donations, et. al.

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 02:03:30PM -0700, Jason D. Kelleher wrote:
> Unfortunately, all the time apt-get saves me is more than
> lost by mailing a paper check or emailing the SPI Treasurer to
> setup a wire transfer.  I even tried to send you a paper
> check through my E*Trade account, but it requires a valid
> phone number for the recipient... no good.

You can use the Treasuer's home phone number, if you want.

+1 317 841 8285

Note that this number is subject to change when a new person becomes

> I emailed the SPI Treasurer regarding this sometime last
> January (Yes, I'm "keep[ing] in mind that the duties of the
> SPI Treasurer are at present undertaken by a volunteer, not by
> a paid employee of SPI.") regarding some form of Credit Card or
> Paypal payment and received no response.

I have one mail from you ever (if the string "Kelleher" is a sufficient
search criterion); it was dated Wed, 15 Aug 2001 10:08:14 -0700 (PDT).

It said only this:

        Do you have plans to setup an online donation system through a
        service such as Paypal?  It would make it much easier for me to
        show my appreciation every couple of 'apt-get install upgrade'
        runs.  Meanwhile, I guess I'll just slow-mail you a check.

        Thanks for the nice distribution.

I suggest that it might be more satisfying to send a gentle reminder to
someone after a couple of weeks, instead of waiting 13 months for a
reply and then getting so upset that you mail a bunch of people who
don't have power to do anything about the issue, like Debian's Technical
Committee, whose duties do not impact Debian's finances in any way at


Furthermore, the SPI Board has in fact discussed electronic payment
processing; see, for example:


You might want to scroll down to "Merchant account update".

Regarding wire transfers, you have never contacted me to make
arrangements for this; I do not know how to satisfy expectations you do
not express.

> So now I'm asking the Debian Organization and SPI Board - I
> can't give you time, please help me give you money.
> P.S. The co-worker who convinced me to switch from Redhat to
> Debian a year ago is standing over my shoulder laughing
> hysterically, but I'm serious.  And he's more than willing to
> pay too if it doesn't involve paper checks.

I regret that SPI does not currently have infrastructure in place to
support the means of making donations that you would most prefer.  All I
can ask is that you remain patient.  As the SPI Board processes its
backlog of minutes, you'll be able to read more about this issue.

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