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Supporting Debian - donations, et. al.


I like Debian, it's very nifty and saves me time and effort
managing my desktop at home.  This is important to me because
I have little free time - however, I'm paid rather well by
the company which keeps me busy.  Since I have money but no
time I'd like to contribute money (instead of time) in support
of Debian.  That brought me to the Debian donations page which
in turn took me to the SPI (Software in the Public Interest)
donation page.  I thought to myself, "Hmmm... A great
distribution and donations are tax free too.  Great."

Unfortunately, all the time apt-get saves me is more than
lost by mailing a paper check or emailing the SPI Treasurer to
setup a wire transfer.  I even tried to send you a paper
check through my E*Trade account, but it requires a valid
phone number for the recipient... no good.

I emailed the SPI Treasurer regarding this sometime last
January (Yes, I'm "keep[ing] in mind that the duties of the
SPI Treasurer are at present undertaken by a volunteer, not by
a paid employee of SPI.") regarding some form of Credit Card or
Paypal payment and received no response.

So now I'm asking the Debian Organization and SPI Board - I
can't give you time, please help me give you money.


Jason D. Kelleher

P.S. The co-worker who convinced me to switch from Redhat to
Debian a year ago is standing over my shoulder laughing
hysterically, but I'm serious.  And he's more than willing to
pay too if it doesn't involve paper checks.

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