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Re: Bug#119517: pcmcia-cs: cardinfo binary needs to move into a separate package

For history of this resolution, see earlier postings on the tech ctte
list.  The committee has voted as follows:
   Bdale     FD, B, A
   Ian       A, FD, B
   Manoj     B, FD, A
   Wichert   A, FD, B
   Dale      no response
   Guy       no response
   Jason     no response
   Raul      no response

The result of this a tie between A and FD.  I hereby use my casting
vote as Chairman to resolve the tie in favour of A.  For full details
of how the vote is counted, see below.  I'll respond separately to the
points people have made alongside their votes, to try to keep this
this results message as short as it can be.

Therefore, the Technical Committee has passed the following

  1. It is generally bad for programs to fail due to run-time
     linkage failures, in most cases.  There may however be other
     tradeoffs involved that make this a reasonable choice.

  2. In this particular case, splitting the package introduces a level
     of administration and other overhead which outweighs the minor
     ugliness of the run-time linker error message.

  3. We therefore agree with the package maintainer that pcmcia-cs
     should remain one package, with cardinfo included.

  4. The bug report should be closed with no action.

I am closing the bug report with this message and will update the
committee webpages.

Thanks to everyone for participating and for generally managing to
keep the conversation civilised despite strong feelings (which I think
are fair enough even if I disagree with the content).


Vote counting

Firstly - constitution A.3(1) - we select either A or B as the `most
preferred form' (henceforth P), or choose FD.  This is to be done by
the Condorcet method from A.6 (misspelled Concorde in the

First, we calculate which options dominate others according to A.6(2):

 Ballots	A to FD	 Ian, Wichert
  which prefer	FD to A	 Manoj, Bdale	neither FD nor A dominates

		FD to B	 Ian, Wichert, Bdale
		B to FD	 Manoj		FD dominates B

		A to B	 Ian, Wichert
		B to A	 Manoj, Bdale	neither A or B dominates

So according to A.6(3) we eliminate B because it is dominated by FD.

This leaves us with a choice between FD and B, and the ballots have
decayed to  A, FD (Wichert, Ian)  and  FD, A (Manoj, Bdale).  This is
a tie, which my casting vote resolves.

(Other interpretations of the counting system have similar results.)

Secondly - constitution A.3(2) - we decide whether the most preferred
form A beats FD by enough to pass.  Again, we have the same two pairs
of ballots:  Yes, No/FD (Wichert, Ian)  and  No/FD (Manoj, Bdale).
Again I use my casting vote again to make Yes win.

Thirdly, according to A.6(8) we check for the quorum, which is two
according to 6.3(1).  There were at least two votes which prefer the
winning option (A) to the default option (FD), so the quorum is

Ian Jackson, at home.           Local/personal: ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk
ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk       http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ijackson/

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