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Re: Technical Committee - ping !

On Thu, 9 May 2002, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Are the rest of you there ?  Manoj and I have been having an extensive
> discussion about #119517, and about the use of the BTS, and I sent
> round a number of other mails, but there have been no responses.

Didn't feel like sending 'Me Too' emails. I suspect the other members
feel similarly..

> It seems impossible that you've all read the discussions but have
> nothing to add.  But, if you have read them and have nothing to add,
> an indication of where your current leanings are and any remaining
> doubts you have might allow us to move to a resolution more quickly.

WRT to 119517, I feel Manoj is correct in the general case, we should not
encourage widespread proliferation of binaries that do not link, but that
in this particular case, the program in question is so amazingly
small and unimportant that maybe it doesn't matter..


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