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Re: Formal request for review: [Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>] Referring what kernel-images to build to the technical committee?

Ok, I think I've digested the material enough to ask for suggestions:

[1] Sam listed a number of tradeoffs.  Before we can make intelligent
decisions about tradeoffs, we're going to need some measurements of the
costs and the benefits.

Measurements themselves will require some significant resources [or
maybe we can find that someone else has already done the relevant work].

[2] Sam also talked about "a global direction".  Right now, debian is an
ad-hoc mix of binary and source packages (with some source packages being
in deb form because of the limitations of our "dependency mechanisms").
We're also seeing limitations [mostly potential but some quite real]
of our archive architecture and dependency architecture.  Maybe it's
time to sit down and lay out a strategy for where we're going.

I'm interested in how the rest of you see the problems, and the implied
requirements.  [Ok, I think I've a pretty good idea of how Herbert Xu
and Sam Hartman think -- I'm looking for other viewpoints.]



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