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Re: I'd like to coordinate a major update of stable

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

 Joey> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> Rather than berate each other about our obtuseness on this
 >> issue in particular, or a lack of acuity in general, I posit that
 >> there are two issues involved:
 >> a) frustration involved in readin the docs in two different locations
 >> The symlink solution addresses this
 >> b) incremental upgrades to unstable packages from unstable, which
 >> makes documentation not be accessable with tools such as dwww,
 >> man, ect. Your stable upgrades solution addresses that.
 >> The stable-upgrades solution has no impact on the former
 >> problem, and the symlinks solution only addresses the latter in a non
 >> optimal fashion.
 >> I agree that the symlinks solution does not handle 2; and your
 >> stable upgrades solution would be required.

 Joey> Er, what are you saying. Does the symlink solution fix b) in a non-optimal
 Joey> way, or not at all (and what is "2")?

        I guerss I meant (b) above.

 >> The proposal that I put forth before the -policy
 >> group, and before the tech ctte, has to do with the first problem. 

 Joey> Why did you ignore the second problem? It's clear you knew
 Joey> about it on July 17th, when you posted a proposal to fix it
 Joey> that included:

        Because I felt that the former was important enough, and that
 was what I concentrated on. Since it has the added benefit of making
 the (b) less critical, and we probably would have fixed everyhing by
 the time woody has happened, I did not bother getting a better
 solution out there.

        Surely you are not berating me for not proposing a solution
 for both problems? Why am I supposed to be responsible for all the
 problems there were? I took (a), proposed a solution that also made
 (b) less critical, but did not optimally solve it. 

        I had enough grief over the symlinks ot to push other
 developers to also make potentially complex changes to their code. I
 figured some one would take up the slack. Glad to see you have.
 >> * We should not break backwards compatibility during the transition
 >> period. This is a quality of implementation issue
 >> During the transition, we need to provide backwards
 Joey>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 >> compatibility, firstly for programs ike `dwww', and `dhelp', and
 Joey>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 >> also for our users who have gotten used to looking under a single
 >> dir (`/usr/doc/') for docs (``/usr/doc/package''). During the
 >> transition, the documentation could be in in two places, and that
 >> is not good  

        Nice goal, if I say so myself. Glad to see you covered it. The
 symlink proposal does push the need to do anything vis-a-vis dwww
 and dhelp to a later date, but it is not, as you point out, a

 Joey> I cannot belive you claim you are not aware of this issue, or

        I was. I did not have as facile a solution, and did not
 propose a fix for that to the tech ctte. The solution for (b) is to
 fix all programs, or something. I did not have a solution I liked for

 Joey> that this is not at least half of the issue the techical
 Joey> committe was called upon to fix.  I can find numerous mentions

        The proposal that I put forth, before the ctte, and before the
 -policy, solved (a), and deferred (b). You now have proposed a
 solution to (b), and o one is objecting. 

        Unless you feel like continuing this discussion, which has all
 the signs of degenerating into a flame fest, I think we either calm
 down, and move away from injecting personalities in here, or nothing
 really shall be achieved.

 Joey> of problem b) throughout the policy list archives for last
 Joey> month. It's not as if this were a concern I just brought up.

        No it is not. It is just not something that had a solution
 proposed until now.

        If you were to bring it up in -policy, it may well pass. 

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