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Re: Alternative to the symlink proposal.

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Joey> The proposal is that nothing be done to ease the transition to
 Joey> /usr/share/doc, except a major update to stable be made before
 Joey> unstable is released. This update will include updated versions
 Joey> of man, dwww, info, and any other packages that use
 Joey> /usr/share/doc, /usr/share/man, or /usr/share/info. The release
 Joey> notes for potato will reccommend that anyone using a package
 Joey> from unstable first upgrade to the updated stable.

        I have several technical reservations about this proposal.

        Firstly, it does not address the problem.

        I realize that people are having trouble unstanding exactly
 what the problem is that I was attempting to present before the
 committee. Since it appears that I have been less than limpid, I
 shall try and expand on the problem as I see it.

        The problem is not a major one. It has to do with the degree
 of frustration involved in readin the docs (merely changing the
 location of the docs is not really a problem -- one learns the new
 location quickly enough)

        I find that whenevver there are two locations to get
 documentation from (user visible locations, that is -- I don't really
 care where man gets my man pages from), then murphy's law states that
 the docs will be in the last place I try.

        Enough people seem to agree that that is a problem for the
 policy group to try to find a solution. 

        I fail to see how Joey's solution addresses this issue.        

        With the symlink proposal, people in potato look in /usr/doc, no
 matter what. In woody, they can look at both places, /usr/doc, and
 /usr/share/doc, and begin to transitions. Post woody, they look in
 /usr/share/doc. All through the transition, one can look in a single
 dir to get the docs about any package (the location changes, but at
 any given time I can select one dir and be done).

        It requires a mini-upgrade before partially upgrading to
 potato. If there was no alternative, one could live with this, but
 this is not a requirement of the symlink proposal. 

       Secondly, this requires that one upgrade to the undates --
 which means that the people who upgrade from CD's are going to be out
 in the cold (I am in touch with a number of people in India who uploy
 upgrade from CD's -- too low a bandwidth. There are people behind
 corporate firewalls that can't easily use apt-get because of company

        Again this is not a major hassle -- but we are trying to make
 upgrades hassle free.


        ``Any other packages that use /usr/share/doc'' is a nebulous
 concept (did you know that emacs can have native man page display?),
 and we are sure to miss a number before the november freeze. The
 symlink proposal gives us a full release cycle to seek and upgrade
 any such functionality.

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