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old, unapproved messages to the committee


I'm going to approve, en-mass, most of the unapproved messages which
went to the committee.

I'm excluding irrelevant messages (for example, things that should
have gone to debian-user), and messages which are already in
the mail archive on master.debian.org:

I should also note that while I never explicitly retracted my premature
vote for Manoj's forest of symlink proposal, I decided early on that it
was not valid (and I did state this belief of mine).  Also, since it was
never approved by a moderator of this list (such as myself, or Manoj),
it was never a proper vote.  Since it will now be visible publically,
I'm formally retracting it.

[well, actually, this whole message, and a fair amount of the
list traffic, is administrivia...]

I knw that this will dump something like 100 messages in some people's
mail boxes.  Sorry about that.



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