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Re: Speedup when using qemu to cross-build packages.

* Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <josch@debian.org> [2022-09-11 20:36]:
qa.debian.org/developer.php can have columns that are hidden by default. Maybe
that would be a good fit for now?
That would work really well for me, as I am customizing my DDPO view

unfortunately, whether a source package FTCBFS or not is not quite binary. The
failure can be due to a temporary multi-arch version skew, you can have the
same version be either successful or failing depending on when you look or you
can have source packages that cross-build fine to some but not all arches.
Any kind of indicator that tells me if I'm going to find issues on
crossqa.d.n (and a link to take me there) is a net improvement in my
book. I guess you could make it fancy and display different symbols
for different failure conditions, but I don't want to start
bikeshedding, especially since I have no experience with the
DDPO backend to gauge how much work that would entail.


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