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Re: Speedup when using qemu to cross-build packages.

Hi Johannes,

* Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <josch@debian.org> [2022-09-08 13:31]:
It would be nice to display cross-build-failures on tracker.d.o
or other packaging overviews but that doesn't make sense if there is not enough
person-power to solve these problems.
While a TODO item in tracker.d.o might still be a bit too much, it
would be nice to have a cross build indicator in DDPO or DMD, so
maintainers who have an interest can see at a glance which of their
packages FTCBFS.

Personally, I'll gladly fix cross-build issues in my packages
whenever I notice them (and know how to fix them), but I'm
usually too lazy to manually check if crossqa.d.n has something to
say about my packages. Or is there a way to list packages by
maintainer of which I am not aware?


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