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Re: Kodi is finally cross-build ready!

Quoting Vasyl Gello (2021-10-30 22:02:21)
> and found that the troublemaker was samba-libs:any / multi-arch:same that
> contains python compiled plugins (python3-*.so).  Furthermore, samba-libs
> depends on python3-talloc:any and python3-ldb:any, and that was the reason
> the python runtime of foreign architecture was chosen over the correct native
> one.
> I had to rebuild samba for both amd64 and armhf with samba-libs marked as Multi-Arch: foreign.
> This helped to resolve the dependency issues.
> [...]
> As a result I filed #998128 against giflib and will file another bug against
> samba-libs.  I wonder if marking samba-libs as Multi-Arch:foreign is proper
> solution here.

marking samba-libs as M-A:foreign is almost certainly wrong as samba-libs is a
shared library package and thus it would be wrong to install samba-libs:build
if actually samba-libs:host is needed. There already is a bug about this:


Since your cross-build didn't fail even though samba-libs:build was installed
instead of samba-libs:host, it is likely that the kodi build does not make any
use of the relevant parts of samba-libs or otherwise it would probably fail.
This suggests that the actual solution would be to split up some packages such
that kodi can build-depend on those parts of samba that do not need python and
thus will not cause python:host being pulled in.


cheers, josch

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