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Re: Bug#666772: Bug 666772

>Making a large package like kodi cross-ready can easily take more time than 9
>hours. During these 9 hours you can at least do other stuff.

Yeah, I am sleeping at night while these builds run :)

>Yes, some tools do not expose their architecture and can always be installed in
>their native architecture (the build architecture). Such tools can then be
>marked as Multi-Arch:foreign and zip is marked as such. So zip should always be
>installed as the native architecture. Do you observe something different?

I double-checked and zip is installed without :armhf suffix. So I guess I
should check which packages from my list of "supplementary tools"
have no m-a: foreign identifier before I put ":native" on them.

>Why compile twice? Why do you need helper tools as the host architecture? You
>cannot execute that. So you need to build helper tools in the build
>architecture only. Or are those helper tools also shipped by some binary
>package? In that case, yes you need to build them twice.

Correct, these are two utilities shipped as part of Kodi.
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