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Re: simplifying rebootstrap - breaking hurd bootstrap?


Helmut Grohne, le lun. 06 avril 2020 11:58:53 +0200, a ecrit:
> Quite a while ago, glibc was also converted to support this sequence
> with fewer stages and this is what upstream's build_many_glibcs.py
> does and what is tested.

And the hurd port is tested there as well, so it should be working.

> As a first step, I suggest that someone (likely Samuel) replies to this
> mail explaining why we presently need hurd stage1 and stage2 to be
> separate. stage1 seems to skip libihash. Can we defer building libihash
> until stage3? Can we build it in stage1? Is this the only difference
> between stage1 and stage2?

It seems to me that libihash is indeed the only difference. It also
seems that the reason for it was libpthread's use of libihash.
Apparently libihash use in libpthread was removed in January 2018,
and we forgot that we could them drop stage2.

So it seems we can indeed just drop stage2. How should I proceed to get
a smooth transition between hurd and rebootstrap script? Or should I
perhaps just move on and drop in the hurd package the existing stage2
and rename stage3 into stage2, and do the same in the bootstrap script
and submit a MR doing it, leaving bootstrap completely broken between
those two actions?


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