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Bug#894965: dpkg-architecture should stop warning about unset CC

Package: dpkg-dev

On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 04:28:48PM +0200, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> - Need to set CC
> Yes, the warning was clear enough, but I was a bit surprised
> I had to set CC like so:

The warning you are talking about likely is this one:

| dpkg-architecture: warning: specified GNU system type $DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE does not match CC system type $DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE, try setting a correct CC environment variable

I think this warning is obsolete as we assume that the packaging sets up
CC. For most cases, it actually happens automatically:
 * dh_auto_build passes it to make.
 * If you include /usr/share/dpkg/buildtools.mk in debian/rules, it'll
   be correct.
 * For many build systems, setting CC is not necessary and
   dh_auto_configure does the right thing anyway.

Telling the builder to set up CC is not needed at all, at least for 2000
source packages and most of the failing ones don't fail due to missing

Heck in many cases, I've seen and introduced workarounds like "CC=true
dpkg-architecture ..." to make it stop being noisy.

Guillem, can we just remove the warning?


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