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Re: bugs in bootstrap.debian.net (was: Re: The state of cross building)

Hi Johannes, hi Bastien,

On Sun, 31 Jan 2016 01:53:34 +0100, Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org> wrote:
> Quoting Bastien ROUCARIES (2016-01-31 00:49:14)
> > Could you document on wiki how can we begin as a package manager. For
> > instance I could not achieve to parse
> > http://bootstrap.debian.net/cross_all/imagemagick.html  
> I apologize. Since I wrote the software it is hard for me to put myself into
> the shoes of someone who is not familiar with the matter. I would very much
> welcome if any questions about the text or tables or tips of how to improve
> the presentation could be directed to me so that I can fix the website.

I'll give it a shot... (And add this later to the wiki.)

As I understand it, the page lists *dependency* problems which prevent:
* cross-building imagemagick
* using imagemagick's packages as build-dependencies when cross-building

The first table lists all the binary packages which prevent cross-compilation
involving imagemagick. This tells you where you need to look if you want to
fix things so that imagemagick can be cross-built and/or used for

The second table lists the same information but in more detail. In each line,
imagemagick's packages' involvement is highlighted in green. To determine
issues preventing imagemagick from being cross-compiled, look for it in the
third column ("packages with (possibly transitive) conflicting
dependencies"); this shows that getting imagemagick to cross-compile involves
fixing perl (and perl-base) so that it works in multi-arch contexts. Anything
else is a situation where one of imagemagick's packages' dependencies
prevents it being used for cross-compiling; fixing this might involve
amending imagemagick's dependencies, or it might involve fixing the
conflicting package. For example, hhvm can't be cross-compiled because it
build-depends, directly and indirectly (via imagemagick), on libfreetype6-dev
(which contains /usr/bin/freetype-config and is therefore not multi-arch

I hope that I got that all right and that it clarifies things a little!



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