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sbuild cross DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck (was: Re: The state of cross building)


Quoting Helmut Grohne (2016-01-30 20:08:09)
> Recently, sbuild saw significant improvements wrt. cross building such that
> now one can simply "sbuild --build=arch1 --host=arch2 ..." and have a
> reasonable expectation that it works.

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask sbuild using cross builders out there
about their opinion on the issues raised in #775539. In summary:

Sbuild currently forces DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck whenever buildarch is unequal
hostarch. This is problematic because it doesn't allow to cross-build without
this option set (might be desired for example if qemu-user is used or the test
suite is not running hostarch code). I see two ways to fix this:

 1. Add new command line options --nocheck-when-cross and
    --no-nocheck-when-cross together with the boolean configuration variable

 2. Disable automatically setting nocheck and require the user to explicitly
    enable "nocheck" when running sbuild:

        $ DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck sbuild --host=ppc64el foo.dsc

I find the first option problematic because it adds yet another set of command
line options and a configuration variable to an already enormous set of the
aforementioned which might make using sbuild harder because of more involved

I find the second option problematic because I assume that in most cases one
would like to disable checks during cross building because I'd assume that most
test suites will try to run host architecture code and will not check by
themselves if it is even possible to do so beforehand. In that case it's just
lots of busy typing instead of just doing what is probably a sensible default.

What are your opinions? Which aspects did I forget to consider?


cheers, josch

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