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Re: Recent advances in cross building src:perl

Thanks Neil, your mail about what's realistic and what isn't makes a
lot of sense to me. I'm picking just a few bits for now:

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 08:48:16AM +0000, Neil Williams wrote:

> The whole point of doing this in src:perl is to get the *data* on every
> supported architecture at every release. To build the matrix, to find
> the commonality. Nobody (upstream or Debian) has any idea where that
> commonality lies, yet.

Sure, I'm not talking about dropping the 'store the generated config.sh
as a build artefact in a binary package' part. It's the 'import those
files into the source package so they can more easily be used for cross
building' part that I'm worried about: it needs ongoing maintenance,
and I'm not sure we want to commit to doing that in src:perl.

But I think that could be done in a separate source package too, which
would build an arch:all package containing all the config.sh files.
The perl source package could then build depend on that for cross builds.
(The sbuild build profile issue (#809730) that I mentioned would hit this
 too, so I'm not sure how soon that could make it to Debian proper.)

If the proposed arch-dep perl-config-data package isn't useful for actual
cross builds, I guess we could also just store the generated config.sh
files in libperl5.22.  In the short term, we could easily just start
doing that straight away in sid to get this going.

Extracting the config.sh files from the archive and putting them into
git or something should be automatable, and the history would indeed
help understanding the issues. We can later look at the "right" way to
make use of them.

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