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Re: Recent advances in cross building src:perl

+++ Helmut Grohne [2016-01-24 15:59 +0100]:
> > In the long run, I can see cross building eventually replacing our
> > current somewhat half-baked new architecture bootstrapping support that
> > is the reason we need to roll our own horrific debian/rules and can't
> > use debhelper et al. I think I'd want to see how this stuff rebases on
> > a couple of upstream releases first before declaring it stable, though.
> It does use things such as dpkg-architecture, which is written in perl.
> Is it really known that the perl packaging currently works without perl?

I built a native perl (very slowly indeed on a 'fast model') in the
aarch64 port. But I also built a somewhat bodged cross perl first
(using Neil's debian-perl-cross and a manually-obtained (from the fast
model) file of perl config data). I can't remember if the latter was
used to make the former, or if it was independent. And I didn't record
this info on
(up one para)

This is long-winded way of saying "no I don't know, but I should" :-)

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