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Automated Build Systems with Cross-Compilation

Hi Debian-Cross,

Are there alternatives to buildd that a mere mortal could figure out and setup that would work with cross-compiling? I target powerpc, and building packages for my powerpc image is becoming cumbersome with just my scripts running dpkg-buildpackage -d -b -uc -apowerpc in a jessie chroot. I need some dependency resolution. I know sbuild is an option to get correct build dependencies per package build, but that still doesn't solve the problem of how do I automate cross-building a large (20-30+) set of packages to produce a suitable powerpc image.

Ideally, system would be:

git push to git repo -> trigger cross-build on host using sbuild -> upload to private repository (ppa) -> trigger re-build of consumer packages -> upload those to private repository (ppa).

Does this exist? I've tried to google around and buildd seems close to what I would want, except it also very complicated to setup and I'm not sure it would work with cross-building.


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