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Re: Consolidating all cross toolchain discussions

Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> writes:
> +++ Dima Kogan [2014-09-16 13:15 -0700]:
>> - dealing with IRC involves more proactive work than mailing lists, since those
>>   are just email
> Whilst IRC is quick convenient, it does have the major disadvanatage
> that things are not recorded for later reference.
> On the other hand if something needs discussion, so long as it's not
> _too_ complicated, that works a lot better on IRC than by email.
> But in general I agree, we should certainly be having more discussion
> by email, as currently it's almost none (except bug reports).

IRC is far more useful when you set up a bouncer. Until then it's
annoying, and that's the boat every newcomer is in.

>> I propose to:
>> 2. Consolidate all the related IRC channels into a single one.
> Whilst I agree the current state is rather confusing, I don't think
> this is such a good idea.
> All of those channels have a separate purpose outside
> cross-building/cross-toolchains, so they won't go necessarily go away
> just because there is now a canonical place to talk about cross
> stuff.

OK. I'm not sure I agree, but certainly am not going to fight about it.
I don't see any consensus to do any of this, so let's just keep what we

>> I already made #debian-cross to familiarize myself with chanserv.
>> Feel free to log in and play with it.
> On balance this probably just made the problem worse :-)
> But I've joined now, in case anyone uses it :-) (Has anyone been,
> since it was created?)

Hah. Yeah, it's certainly not making anything better. I just told
chanserv to drop that channel, so it no longer exists in any
semi-official way. Once everybody leaves it, it should fade away.

I set up a bouncer, so my own pains went away. Let's do use email more,
and that should be mostly good


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