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Re: Consolidating all cross toolchain discussions

+++ Dima Kogan [2014-09-16 13:15 -0700]:

> Currently most of the cross-building/bootstrap/profiles/etc discussion
> happens on a scattered set of IRC channels and not on any particular
> mailing list. I think this is unideal because
> - there're too many IRC channels involved, which involves work for a user to
>   follow everything
> - Debian IRC channels aren't logged (intentionally)
> - dealing with IRC involves more proactive work than mailing lists, since those
>   are just email

Whilst IRC is quick convenient, it does have the major disadvanatage
that things are not recorded for later reference.

On the other hand if something needs discussion, so long as it's not
_too_ complicated, that works a lot better on IRC than by email.

But in general I agree, we should certainly be having more discussion
by email, as currently it's almost none (except bug reports).

> I propose to:
> 1. Move any non-trivial discussion from IRC to a mailing list. I propose the
> already-existing debian-cross mailing list


> 2. Consolidate all the related IRC channels into a single one. There's much
> overlap in the people involved, and a single channel is easier. I propose the
> newly-created #debian-cross IRC channel
> The set of channels #debian-cross replaces can be
> - #emdebian
> - #multiarch
> - #debian-bootstrap
> - #debian-toolchain
> Any others? Should any of these NOT be replaced?

Whilst I agree the current state is rather confusing, I don't think
this is such a good idea.

All of those channels have a separate purpose outside
cross-building/cross-toolchains, so they won't go necessarily go away
just because there is now a canonical place to talk about cross
stuff. #debian-bootstrap is perhaps a candidate but even that isn't
entirely about cross-building.

For the time being the conversation seems to have mostly settled into
#debian-bootstrap for cross-things in general and #debian-toolchain
for more detailed toolchain-specific work. #emdebian is not used much,
but does get conversation about grip and the related tools (multistrap
etc) from time to time. #multiarch is now quite rarely used, but
multiarch is mostly not about toolchains and a confused packager does
turn up there from time to time asking about tstuff.

I'm not convinced that making a new channel will actually help here.

> So please comment. I already made #debian-cross to familiarize myself with
> chanserv. Feel free to log in and play with it.

On balance this probably just made the problem worse :-)

But I've joined now, in case anyone uses it :-) (Has anyone been,
since it was created?)

I reckon the IRC situation is OK, if not ideal, and we should first
try just moving some of the conversation to email.

Thanks for trying to improve things Dima, a new perspective on 'why
are you doing things this way?' is a good thing.

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