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Re: "Linux ins Rathaus" - Linux for german city administration

Am Friday 05 March 2004 19:31 schrieb Frank Küster:
> Therefore I would be glad to hear whether any towns in Europe have yet
> done the switch and chosen Debian for that. 
I do not know, isn't the Extramadura project based on Debian? (Guadalinux). 
That's about 80.000 desktops IIRC.

> And for sure some commercial support would be needed - does anybody know
> of a company that could give support for a Debian-bases system for an
> administration? Since I live in Freiburg, Germany, not only german

Hewlett-Packard officially provides support for Debian. I bet all major IT 
(IBM, Sun) or smaller local companies (Debis, Siemens, ...) would support 
Debian if the price justifies that. 

However, a project like that needs a huge project management capacity, 
especially within the change management field (See malicious resistance in 
Munich.) It makes little difference which distribution is chosen as the 
base. Although we favour Debian, I think city administrations do best with 
partners like IBM/Novel-SuSE.

Krisztian Mark Szentes
produktivIT   -  Open-Source Solution Provider
Siebenbrunnengasse 55/7
A-1050 Wien

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