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Re: Debian Consulting - I need you !

Hello Debian-consultants@lists !

I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  In our small province, Linux is
slowly taking its place.  There is less than 10 business offering linux
services.  www.cegonhatech.com, www.iscream.net are the only names that
comes to my mind.  iScream offers Debian.  Cegonha, I dont know but I
guess that if a customer ask for it, they might provide service for it

I am slowly building my own business around Debian.  I choose Debian for
the following obvious reason :

- Vitality of the project.
- the existence of the following :
	- bug reporting system
	- stable,testing,unstable
	- social contract
- the ease required for maintaining it
- they build on standards when they dont participate or create the
standards (FHS,...)

and finally, its biggest advantage for me, the integrator :

- its rigouressness and evolutivity caracteristics (pardon my french)

What I am trying to achieve, for now, is to build a business which will
provide secured and stable servers for small and medium business.

- Firewall
- secured smtp gateway
- antivirus
- file server
- fax server
- dns
- intra/extra/internet servers
- database server
- pbx/voip server
- vpn server
- jabber server
- pgp key server
- CA server
- ...

In order to be able to achieve notoriety into providing the above I will
need to assure my customers that they will get support in the future
from more than me.  This is very important, my customers need to know
that if I die, or close my business, there not stuck with a system that
no one will be able to support.

I am not a good business man yet.  So I need all the help I can get to
realize my project and the Debian Consultants list was one of the very
first places where I knew I could get help in that field.

In a near future, I hope to build or participate into building some sort
of alliance with other Debian consulting organisations and/or
individuals in order to provide a standardize way of deploying and
integrating Debian.

That way, I could work and help other people deploying Debian worldwide.

I see myself has someone who plants trees, not tomatoes.  If properly
done, once a forest gets mature, it will require less or no maintenance.
But building a forest requires more work at the beginning.

Selling linux in Quebec is a very slow process, espacialy when you are a
small startup like me (I am alone for now).  But if we gather and
present ourselve as a bigger organisation such has DebianINC, DebianCOOP
(I don't know), which provides secured and stable Linux, which
contibutes to the Debian project with donations, we might be taken more
seriously, no ?.

Anyway, all of this isn't clear in my mind yet, the
WHY/WHAT/WHO/WHEN/HOW need to be clarify.  I was keeping this
information for myself for now, but because of the possibility that this
list could go down I feel the urgency of such a gathering to be

So, anyone wanna join the debian-consultants ?

Dominique Fortier
Consultant en Solutions Libres


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