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Re: Looking for commercial consulting in the EU or world-wide

> > I'll gladly develop a telephony application to route support/sales
> > calls and provide info.
> In Debian ??

Of course.  All our systems run Debian.

>   Not sure I could afford an international toll
> > free number and the lines that this would take, but the phone system
> > is a no-brainer.
> It could route thru the net as a voice mail message, allowing the consultant(s)
> to decide whether they want to work on the project.
> Frankly it seems like a internte voice type of no-brainer, eliminating the
> tolls/tarifs.

Local pops all over the world for this system will not happen.
Customers using their PC's to make a call will not happen.  Customers
will pick up a phone and make a call, or sit at their PC and send an
e-mail.  Of course, VOIP streams are the same as analog ports to us,
we just do the state engine and the application, but as of yet, no
demand for commerce over VOIP, and rightly so.  If you are worried
about tolls/tarrifs to the U.S., and want to use VOIP, there are a
half dozen companies offering free temination to the local loop in the
U.S.  Try dialpad or net2phone.  

The phone system and the transaction manager are both ambitious.  We
should probably think of some way to start smaller, maybe a Debian
Consultants Coalition Website or something, with a little cgi script
to "Find a consultant near you".  When we get a little more
organized, or if we had a corporate sponso, we could figure out transactions.


OST - the open source telecom corporation
Rich Bodo | rsb@ostel.com | 650-964-4-OST

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