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Re: debian consultants

>> Listing me in any way other than as someone who's willing to live anywhere in
>> Europe would be doing a dis-service to the clients that are based in
>> countries where there is not such a great Linux skills base IMHO.  People
>> like me can move around and even out supply/demand discrepancies around
>> Europe.
>The problem is that this web page is setup so people can find a
>consultant near them.  It's sorted by country to make it easy for
>Oh, I don't care.  I can't be bothered to argue this, as in the end it
>really doesn't matter to me.  The only person that may be affected by
>having a non-country section is you, and you seem happy with this
>arrangement, so what the hell.


>I've added a section called "Willing to relocate".  I've taken the
>liberty of changing your address to "Somewhere on Earth", as that is at
>least more accurate that "Somewhere in Europe" considering that you list
>Australia and New Zealang as potential future addresses.  That and it
>makes my day a little bit more surreal.

I am glad to make your day more surreal.

>Incidentally you are Consultant number 94.  And now our consultants hail
>from 25 different fixed countries, and one who wanders the globe. 8)

Great!  Thanks.

Russell Coker

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