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Re: debian consultants

Russell Coker wrote:
> >Your address (city, state, country) is mandatory.  I'm sure at least
> >that there is an address attached to your phone number.
> No.  It's a mobile phone.  My current city is Utrecht in the Netherlands, my
> postal address is Melbourne Australia, the place I visit most frequently
> (visits of short duration generally) is London UK.  Feel free to list any of
> those cities as my address.  Or list them all if you like.
> Listing me in any way other than as someone who's willing to live anywhere in
> Europe would be doing a dis-service to the clients that are based in
> countries where there is not such a great Linux skills base IMHO.  People
> like me can move around and even out supply/demand discrepancies around
> Europe.

The problem is that this web page is setup so people can find a
consultant near them.  It's sorted by country to make it easy for

Oh, I don't care.  I can't be bothered to argue this, as in the end it
really doesn't matter to me.  The only person that may be affected by
having a non-country section is you, and you seem happy with this
arrangement, so what the hell.

I've added a section called "Willing to relocate".  I've taken the
liberty of changing your address to "Somewhere on Earth", as that is at
least more accurate that "Somewhere in Europe" considering that you list
Australia and New Zealang as potential future addresses.  That and it
makes my day a little bit more surreal.

I've also taken the liberty of copying this to debian-consult so I don't
have to repeat myself there...

I suppose that "Willing to relocate" will now have to be translated into
the various languages we support.  (Translators?)

Incidentally you are Consultant number 94.  And now our consultants hail
from 25 different fixed countries, and one who wanders the globe. 8)

Here comes my boiler-plate "being added to the Debian consulting page"


You have been added to the Debian consultants list.  Please check my
working copy of this page, as it will be mirrored to master and then
to www.debian.org tonight.  All further changes you wish to make
before this time should me emailed to me today before 6pm EST.

My working copy of the Debian consultants list:


The master copy of the Debian consultants list (mirrored from the
working copy):


The public copy of the Debian consultants list (mirrored from the
master copy):


You may be interested in joining the debian-consultants mailing list
which can be joined by emailing a subscribe message to:



Behan Webster <behanw@debian.org>

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