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group name (was: Can we do something now?)

I started this problem, so... :-)

This is the discussion so far, skip if you're following it:

On Feb 25, Chuck Stickelman decided to present us with:
> Jim Westveer wrote:
> > > -----Original Message-----
> > > From: Lalo Martins [mailto:lalo@webcom.com]
> > <snip>
> > >
> > > I'm thinking not only of consulting, but also training. I
> > > thought of a name like "Debian Professional Consulting and
> > > Education Collective".
> >
> > Humm...How about "Debian Consulting and Education"  DCE.
> Hmmm...DCE is already in use in the industry - would it  generate confusion?
> Other possibilities could be:
>     "Debian Consulting and Education
> {Collective|Consortium|Cooperative|Network}"
>     "Debian Consultants and Educators
> {Collective|Consortium|Cooperative|Network}"
> All of those would have "DCEC" or "DCEN" as their initials.
> Some other off-the-cuff ideas...
>     "Debian Pros"
>     "Debian Educators, Builders, Integrators and Analysts Network"... DEBIAN
>     "Debian Professional Support Network"

Now. I like the "collective" because it's so uncommon that
people would be able to refer to us as "the Collective" only and
still be understood. Being known by something not an acronym
might distinguish us, making us easier to remember. Or it might
not. :-)

Then... it has been proposed up to now that we start with:

* Consultants
* Teachers
* Technical support
* System administrators
* System installers (our version of something between an analyst
  and salesperson)

This is already too diverse and may grow even more in time. It's
unpractical to include all areas in the name.

So I now go for suggesting just "the Debian Professionals
This could also make a good domain name if we later decide we
need one - debianpro.com?

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