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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

> As to billing... I imagine that many consultants allready have the ability
> to process their own MC/Visa.  Do you invision each person clearing their
> own AP or having a seperate company clear the payments?

Is there any possibility of doing this with some sort of e-cash thing ?
Does anyone have any experience of e-cash ?  Just wondering.

Otherwise, I don't know about the USA, but over here in the UK companies
tend not to be able to pay by VISA, so as someone with mostly corporate 
clients, I've never seen the need to be able to process VISA.  It might be 
worth it for this project though.

If we could work out a way of transferring funds by e-mail, that would be 
perfect, since the vast majority of our clients will be sure to have e-mail 

> IMHO It would seem easier to have each consultant clear their own charges.
> To have a "central" billing type of concept, someone would have to set up
> bank accounts / buisness licence / etc.

Well, I'd imagine that there would be someone in each country that already had 
a company that they could use for the purpose, but then we start getting into 
interesting questions of trust, which might be a little ambitious at this 
stage ;-)

BTW Jim (Pick), please subscribe me to the mailing list you mentioned.

Cheers, Phil.

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