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Re: Need some input, please.

> > The clients largest concern is for win32 application support.  One of the
> > key players at the school surfed to the TWIN/WINE/WABI homepages and was
> > unimpressed.
> Just in case you missed this point the first time round NTrigue is built on top of NT and runs everything on a real PC running NT -- no emulation involved.
> Citrix do something similar I believe.
> Either way, you run real NT on a real PC, and the only magic bit is that the apps get shown on X screens over the network.
I've heard of Citrix, but not NTrigue.  This is the type of solution I'd
be comfortable with - NT as just one of the guys.  I don't have any interest
is doing networking in an NT-specific sort of way.  I like the low cost PC's
with embedded Linux as X-terminal approach - IGEL LLC's Etherminal line,
and now Corel Computer's Corel Video Network Computer.  Though, I don't
think this client is quite ready for something this "non-MS".

> Both these are endorsed to some extent by Microsoft.  From what I hear they
> liked the Citrix one so much that MS did a predatory take over on them,
> or somesuch.
The Citrix deal looked like one of those where Citrix was going to be either
assimilated or put out of business by MS giving away a free replacement...

Either way, there's a local Vocational School that went with Citrix/NT and
some WinTerms (not sure of make and model).  This school has had nothing
but problems with that solution.

> Cheers, Phil.
Thanks Phil!

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