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Re: Need some input, please.

> "Kevin Traas" <ktraas@uniserve.com> writes:
> > Why not a TCP/IP-based ethernet network with NT Servers and Win95/NT and Mac
> > clients?  The NT server can be a server for both types of clients - no
> > problems.
> > 
This is probably the type of solution they are going to end-up with.  I doubt
that the MACs get on the LAN though - they seem to be predisposed toward
writing-off the MAC/Apple II software investment.  Though last I observed,
the students seemed to still enjoy lerning with those programs...

Personally, I don't think Win95 should be used, anywhere.  Certainly not in
a potetially hostile environment.  (Look, kids will be kids - they're going to
want to putz around on the computer.  Not to mention the fact that they are
going to want to install every prgram/game imaginable...)

As for NT as the server - it's now a part of their RFP.  Unfortunately, neither
of us know NT.  I've lived a life of Unix/Linux for the past decade or so, and
Ed (my business partner) - who has much Windows 95/Novell experience and could
certainly master NT - is soon to be heading a major software project.

I fear that we may loose the contract due to our NT shortcomings...
perhaps "fear" is too harsh a word.  I'd like to get this contract, it'd be
good for everyone involved.  I just don't know whether it's direction we'd
want to take...

> > Oh, and, of course, they'll need a Debian Linux box for dial-on-demand
> > internet access as well...  :-)
> You should probably add another Debian Linux box to act as a Web Cache and 
> perhaps Intranet Server.  Squid on Linux will give a significant improvement 
> to their web access speeds, and a unix/perl environment for students to 
> develop their own CGI's would be a significant educational resource.
Absolutley!  However, they're RFP states NT on the servers - now do these
systems function as servers?  Will they be willing to have a mixed environment?
Only time will tell.  The proposal is due today.

> Also, having two Linux boxes, with the server having two network cards, one 
> for the main network and one for the DMZ, gives you an extra line of defense 
> against the Internet:
This is very similar to how we'd mapped-out their LAN.
> If anyone says ``NT Firewall'' to you, say ``Chocolate Fireguard'' back ;-)
I'd bet I'm going to end-up saying "Chocolate Fireguard" to most of this
one.  It sounds like we've got the hardware sales locked fairly well...
though that's *NOT* what we're about!

> Cheers, Phil.
> P.S. Samba on Linux actually beats NT at it's own game on most fronts,
>      but I don't suppose your clients are interested in facts like that.

No.  Facts just get in the way sometimes.  The clients largest concern is
for win32 application support.  One of the key players at the school surfed
to the TWIN/WINE/WABI homepages and was unimpressed.  Felt the same for the
MAC emulator.  Said: "60-80% support just isn't good enough."  So they're
providing 0% support for 30% of their software investment, instead.  Go

Someone planted a littel MS FUD in their minds.  It just annoyes me when I
here developers moaning about writting for Windows primarily because that's
what the consumer is buying.  And then have the consumers moaning about having
to buy MS baecause that's what the software is being written for...

I try to educate my clients.  I really do.  I try to explain to them that if
they just stopped buying the software that they are complaining about, and
started working with software that meets their business goals, then the
industry would be different, more focused...better!  Often this falls on
deaf ears.

The consumers and the developers - two groups who are waiting and hoping for
the other to lead.  As a result, we've got some of the best marketing
departments in business.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice.  WE'll see what happens shortly.

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