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Re: Need some input, please.

"Kevin Traas" <ktraas@uniserve.com> writes:
> Why not a TCP/IP-based ethernet network with NT Servers and Win95/NT and Mac
> clients?  The NT server can be a server for both types of clients - no
> problems.
> Oh, and, of course, they'll need a Debian Linux box for dial-on-demand
> internet access as well...  :-)

You should probably add another Debian Linux box to act as a Web Cache and 
perhaps Intranet Server.  Squid on Linux will give a significant improvement 
to their web access speeds, and a unix/perl environment for students to 
develop their own CGI's would be a significant educational resource.

Also, having two Linux boxes, with the server having two network cards, one 
for the main network and one for the DMZ, gives you an extra line of defense 
against the Internet:

                              firewall ----------------------> Internet
                                 |           dial-on-demand 
           DMZ |------+----------+-----|
               Intranet Server
   School-net  |------+----+-----+-----+------- ...
                           |     |     |
                         WinNT Win95  Mac      etc.

If anyone says ``NT Firewall'' to you, say ``Chocolate Fireguard'' back ;-)

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. Samba on Linux actually beats NT at it's own game on most fronts,
     but I don't suppose your clients are interested in facts like that.
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