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Re: Need some input, please.

Why not a TCP/IP-based ethernet network with NT Servers and Win95/NT and Mac
clients?  The NT server can be a server for both types of clients - no

Oh, and, of course, they'll need a Debian Linux box for dial-on-demand
internet access as well...  :-)

I did a complete network just like this (albeit, no Mac clients  yet) for a
school late last year that included roughly 50 WinNT clients and a bunch of
other hardware (CDROM Servers, 5 laser/inkjet printers, etc.) for just
slightly more than $100K Canadian.

Remember, while I'm not an M$ proponent (so, don't crucify me for this
proposal.... <grin>...), they *do* provide extremely competitive pricing
(for commercial software, anyways) for educational institutions.

Also, I went with *all* WinNT Workstation on the clients - no Win95 - and
implemented all policies, etc. It's a rock-solid environment and they're
*extremely* happy with it.

Kevin Traas                    Baan Business Systems
Systems Analyst            Langley, BC, Canada
ktraas@baan-bbs.ca       (604) 882-8169

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Date: Friday, October 31, 1997 7:02 AM
Subject: Need some input, please.

>Howdy all!
>We have a client who is installing a small LAN and we need a little advise
>from folks who may have been in the same kind of a situation.
>First some background information.  The client is a small, private, not
>for profit, elementary school.  They have grades Pre-K through 8.  About
>130 students total.  It's a nice school with a very positive curriculum.
>The Board of Governors is very committed to providing the best education
>possible.  They have committed around $100K for the project.  The project
>consists of 16 PC's to be located in the Technology Center (a.k.a. Computer
>Lab) and about 14 PC's in classrooms and offices.  There is also to be a
>file/print/application server for storing shared and personal information.
>Internet access is also to be included in the project.  The project co-
>ordinator has agreed to the need of a firewall, so that is to be included
>in the final proposal as well.
>We initially specified Linux on the workstations and servers.  Naturally.
>However, the client feels that they must be able to run win32 applications.
>This is a point on which we are unwilling and unable to be argumentative.
>The client believes that Win32 support is a must, so it's a must.
>Somewhere in the middle of our working with this client outside influences
>have affected their attitudes.  At this time they have specified NT as the
>workstation and server(s) OS.
>We are concerned about this choice, and this is the main reason for this
>We feel that this school's interests would be best met by a solution that
>allowed them to utilize their existing investment in software, which
>Apple II, Macintosh and Win16 code.
>Specifically, we are looking for a solution that support the existing code
>and *any* future program that they may need to run.  The project
>has surfed the homepages of the various emulator projects and feels that
>the percentages of software supported is not high enough to  a
>seamless environment.
>While a Windows NT based solution will work for this client, we are
>that the additional software costs as well as the support costs makes their
>goal nearly unobtainable.
>Does anyone know of any solutions that would help us meet these needs?
>All comments, questions and opinions welcome.
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