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GNU clisp 2.49.90 available for beta-testing

Dear Bruno,

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 08:41:51AM +0100, S?bastien Villemot wrote:
> > > - ppc64el: lisp image generated, but fails to compile asdf (segfault)
> > 
> > These MAY be fixed in 2.49.92, due to the memory-map fixes.
> Unfortunately this is not the case.
> > If not, please try adding -DSAFETY=3 to the CFLAGS for these architectures.
> I tried a manual build on a ppc64el box with -DSAFETY=3 and indeed it fixes the
> problem. Should I add the flag to the Debian packaging or do you plan to
> investigate this further?

Actually I was able to fix the issue (and then another similar one in the
testsuite) by lowering GCC optimisation for two files (hashtabl and package).

I attach a mercurial changeset (on the clisp-2.50 branch) that implements this
workaround, please consider applying it.


???????  S?bastien Villemot
???????  Debian Developer
???????  http://sebastien.villemot.name
???????  http://www.debian.org
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