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[Asdf-devel] Wanted: Debian packager

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 7:12 PM, Far? <fahree at gmail.com> wrote:
> 4- A good exercise in further bootstrapping ASDF would be convert
> bin/asdf-builder to a trivial cl-launch script + a system asdf-build
> (or meta-asdf? whatever), and the Makefile to a trivial wrapper that
> invokes it (except for the initial bootstrap of the concatenated
> build/asdf.lisp), and the Makefile targets into as many secondary
> systems of asdf-build. I'm refraining from doing more of it, since I'm
> moving to new projects.
* I didn't use cl-launch in this case, because that would add one more
dependency to the build
* Also, the way asdf-builder loads asdf is a demonstration of how to
do it in a super-robust super-portable script for someone's
self-contained CL project, whereas the way cl-launch loads asdf is a
demonstration of how to do it when you trust the user's basic
* tonight's procrastination was for me to convert the Makefile to a
Lisp script. I was expecting to create a meta-asdf.asd file with
plenty of secondary systems, but found that since I was only handling
dummy targets, and only one top-level one, I ended up not needing any
of that ? plain functions did it all, and the most advanced macro I
needed was something to handle make-style overriding of
environment-variables. I was a bit disappointed, but it's better that
way. See it all in branch minimakefile (not fully tested).
* In any case, with the code in the master branch, you can use
./bin/asdf-builder debian-package to release the version in release,
or ./bin/asdf-builder debian-package master to release from master,
and it's all implemented in Lisp, with a few extra checks that were
too hard to do in shell for me to bother to do them before. The
minimakefile branch similarly has more functionality and more
robustness thanks to moving all non-trivial code from shell to CL.

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