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[Asdf-devel] Wanted: Debian packager


On 2014-05-16 07:12 CEST, Far? <fahree at gmail.com> wrote:

> That said, I can do the asdf debian package one last time for 3.1.2.
> I've experimented a bit and come up with a better recipe. Apparently
> the trick to avoid dealing with complications is to work in a branch
> where the only changes since the upstream release tag are in the
> debian/ directory. If you let me do it, I'll do it in the release
> branch. I updated the bin/asdf-builder script to do the release
> (moving code from the Makefile and making it better ? scripting is SO
> much better in Lisp). Of course, the script as exists in the release
> branch is insufficient, and since it does a git clean -xfd we need to
> extract it from master under another name everytime.
> So: I committed some debian-only changes in my release branch (not
> pushed ? but I can do it if you approve, and even upload), and ran:
>   git show master:bin/asdf-builder > bin/x && chmod a+x bin/x &&
> ./bin/x debian-package
> and it looks like it worked. I can push all that if you want, or show
> you how to do it. It's a matter of
>   git checkout release ; git show master:debian/changelog >
> debian/changelog ; edit debian/changelog

I have never packaged for Debian, but I use it since rex (1996). With a
bit of hand-holding, I might be able to do the packaging work.

Where can I fetch your changes?

Kambiz Darabi

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