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Bug#617501: clisp does not run, claims to be missing a required file

Hello Desmond and friends,

This bug is due to the fact that the rebuild used dh_lisp 0.7 which
causes the rebuild version not to call the clisp.sh scripts.

So the package is not installed correctly. In fact no rebuild
implementation will work anymore.

This is clearly sub-optimal as this new version breaks all lisp
implementations out there if they are rebuild.

Why did you select this method? Given the fact that as I understand it
updated implementations should only depend on cl-asdf, if at all, what
is the role of dh_lisp in new implementations and why on purpose break
all older implementations?

Related: I wanted to investigate how the 'new' clc is supposed to work,
but I've noticed that the
don't mention this new redesign. What do I need to do? How to I test this?

I'm all in favor of your work and I think that you are doing the right
thing, but I'm missing the following:

- documenting what lisp packages should do
- documenting what lisp implementation should do
- documenting how users can use this
- documenting how DM/DD can test their packages
- no breaking other packages



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