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Bug#617501: clisp does not run, claims to be missing a required file

Hello Anne,

On 09/03/11 14:11, Anne C. Hanna wrote:
> /usr/lib/clisp-2.49/base/lisp.run: operating system error during load of
> initialization file `/usr/lib/clisp-2.49/base/lispinit.mem'
> [/build/buildd-clisp_2.49-3+b1-amd64-lEeikj/clisp-2.49/src/spvw_memfile.d:982]
> errno = ENOENT: No such file or directory.

This indeed is a grave problem.
I noticed that I have the same problem after installing that package.

I'm currently investiating...

Sorry about this issue, Peter

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