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the list of packages to remove

Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd at mailworks.org> writes:
> Well first of all there is bug-triage and handling. Everybody can change
> the state of bugs in the bts.

Hmm, yes, but "Please package a new version!" isn't a particularly
helpful bug to get :)

> Second I'll write up on how to update huchentoot for example to a new
> release and how to send me the diffs to upload a new version.
>> Technically, I'm very happy to learn whatever else I need, but I just
>> don't know what I should do next. Can you give me some advice? (Go away
>> and pester <x> is reasonable advice, of course!)
> :-)
> I'll write up a howto asap.

That would be brilliant, thanks! I guess you can point at the Debian New
Maintainers' guide for most of the technical stuff (and the dh_lisp
manpage?). I personally spent a while working that out a couple of
months ago when I rolled a new version of cffi for myself...

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