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the list of packages to remove

I personally would be extremely happy if (revamped?) versions of the
following packages were in the archive. If I've got it right, these are
basically what's needed for hunchentoot to work.

> Package: cl-cffi
> Package: cl-chunga
> Package: cl-trivial-gray-streams
> Package: cl-flexi-streams
> Package: cl-md5
> Package: cl-plus-ssl
> Package: cl-rfc2388
> Package: cl-url-rewrite
> Package: hunchentoot

As I keep saying, I'm not a DD, but is there any way that I could get
involved in ensuring these stayed maintained? I'm not sure of how debian
works in that respect.

Technically, I'm very happy to learn whatever else I need, but I just
don't know what I should do next. Can you give me some advice? (Go away
and pester <x> is reasonable advice, of course!)

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