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Bug#520685: stumpwm: When returning from screensaver, keyboard doesn't respond

Hi Antony!

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 00:17:46 +0100, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> Version: 1:20080721-2

Please, can you check if the latest version I just uploaded,
i.e. 1:20090502.git482df740-1, still has the same bug?  I cannot
reproduce it with 1:20080721-2 on a KVM virtual machine.

> Sometimes when returning from xscreensaver, my xorg session doesn't
> respond to /any/ keypresses, either in the active window, or C-t
> stumpwm commands.  My workaround is to go to a console window, kill
> stumpwm, and re-run it.

If StumpWM is still working, you should be able to use stumpish (the
StumpWM Interactive SHell), thus go to a console window, login and:

  $ DISPLAY=:0.0 stumpish
  Welcome to the STUMPwm Interactive SHell.
  Type commands for a list of commands.
  > version

If the 'version' command above returns something, then StumpWM is still
active, otherwise it has crashed.

> This doesn't happen with other WMs, so I'm assuming it's a stump bug.
> When it occurs, the mouse /does/ still work - I can click links in
> Iceweasel etc.

This is how X11 works:

- if your ~/.xsession (or the Display Manager you use) starts the WM as
  the first process in X11, then if this process crashes your session
  will exit as well

- however, if you have started the WM from an already running X11
  session, then every program already running when the WM crashes is
  still available, thus the mouse still works

> I know nothing about Lisp, but if you have any ideas how I can assist
> debugging this issue, I'll try to help.

Depending how you start StumpWM (see above), it logs to
~/.xsession-errors (first case) or to stdout (second case): if StumpWM
crashes, the log should contain the reason.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca
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