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Debian Art Collection

The Debian Project                                http://www.debian.org/
Debian Art Collection                                   press@debian.org
November 13th, 2002

Submitted by Patryk Zadarnowski @ Silicon Breeze <pat@siliconbreeze.com>

   On behalf of Silicon Breeze, I am pleased to announce our new
   Debian Collection, featuring over 30 Debian swirls individually
   sculpted in gold, silver, turquoise and amber.  We believe this to
   be the first serious exhibition of a traditional art form available
   exclusively over the Internet, and the first collection of a
   traditional art ever to be inspired entirely by an Open Source

   The Debian Collection is available at the Linux Jewellery Store's
   Online Art Gallery:


   Most of the exhibits can be purchased online, and we will donate
   10% of all proceeds to the Debian project.  Further, to celebrate
   this event, during November we will donate 10% of the proceeds from
   all Tux and Linux designs at the Linux Jewellery Store to Debian,
   including our Tux statuettes, the immensely popular Tux key-rings
   and pins, and, of course, the famous sculpted computer case badges

   To celebrate, we have even released a brand-new Debian case badge
   <http://www.linuxjewellery.com/catalogue/PDB/>, so you don't need
   to wear jewellery to enjoy our Debian Collection.

   For more information about Linux Jewellery, please visit us at:



   Silicon Breeze Pty Limited
   49 Yarrabung Rd
   St Ives NSW 2075

It's time to close the windows.

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