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Tux-Pan from Berndes Haushaltstechnik GmbH

The Debian Project                                http://www.debian.org/
Tux-Pan from Berndes Haushaltstechnik GmbH              press@debian.org
November 11th, 2002

Submitted by Sven Mueller @ Berndes <sven.mueller@berndes.com>

   Berndes, world leading manufacturer for non-stick pans, is offering
   Tux-Pan limited edition offer, that is limited to 1024 pans.  It is
   issued because of the 5th anniversary of GNU/Linux use within the
   company.  Today, Berndes is using GNU/Linux (mostly Debian woody)
   on all but one of their servers and on approx. 100 thinclients
   throughout the company.  For each pan sold, 5EUR are paid to the
   Free Software Foundation Europe, the first 25 pans are sent out for
   free to some of the major free software developers, including some
   Debian developers.

   Details: http://www.berndes.com/tux-pan/press.php/language/en


   Heinrich Berndes Haushaltstechnik GmbH & Co KG
   Wiebelsheidestrasse 55
   59757 Arnsberg

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