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STS offers Debian GNU/Hurd pre-installed

Press Release

Space-Time Systems, based in Malvern, England, which offers systems with 
Debian GNU/Linux pre-installed, is now offering customers the chance to use 
and experiment with the Debian GNU/Hurd Operating System.

For no extra charge it will install the GNU/Hurd on a seperate partition on 
its Debian GNU/Linux systems.

According to an engineer at STS: "We see the Debian GNU/Hurd as not only 
upholding the principles of free software but as potentially the best 
Operating System in the world, and believe that this is good way of making 
people more aware of both GNU/Hurd and the potential that free software has. 
It may also spur some into helping to develop it, through testing, bug 
reports and may be even by becoming developers themselves."

More info: http://www.spacetimesystems.dial.pipex.com/hurd.htm/

STS can be contacted at spacetimesystems@dial.pipex.com

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