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New Linux distribution brings Debian to the desktop.

New Linux distribution brings Debian to the desktop.


Contact: Jon Danzig 
Libra Computer Systems (604) 986-6507 


NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, November 2, 1999 - Libra Computer Systems, a supplier 
of UNIX systems and software development, today announced the release of 

Linux by Libranet is based on the world acclaimed Linux release by Debian. 
Debian is a volunteer organization that produces the most advanced Linux 
distribution available today. The Linux by Libranet distribution builds on 
Debian by packaging the most commonly used applications onto an easy to 
install CD. This CD installs over 750MB of top rated software including 
industry standards such as the Netscape communications suite. Up to now the 
Debian distribution was a viable choice mostly for software developers and 
technical people. The Libranet release now brings Debian to the desktop, 
making it available to users with little or no Linux experience. The CD 
which sells at a remarkably low introductory price of $27.00, includes one 
year of support via email and fax, Linux HOWTO documentation and the 
Debian-Guide, a concise, easy to follow guide to the use of the Debian Linux 
Distribution. The CD may be purchased at www.libranet.com.

Linux by Libranet may be used on any standard PC, and will co-exist with 
Microsoft Windows. Standard hardware components, for example sound cards, 
are supported. Prior to purchasing the CD, users may check their hardware 
compatibility free of charge at the Libranet web site.
Jon Danzig, President of Libra Computer Systems commented, "Since building 
the Linux by Libranet distribution, we have switched all our own systems, 
both workstations and servers, to the Linux by Libranet distribution. We are 
most pleased with the operation of the systems, the simplicity of use of the 
desktops and the high reliability of the servers. Linux is now a serious 
challenge to Microsoft. The Linux by Libranet distribution helps bring this 
powerful operating system within the reach of millions of non-technical 
computer users."

Periodic software upgrades are available free to download, or for a nominal 
charge, on a CD. Debian's unique package manager takes care of software 
updates automatically.

Libra Computer Systems is a privately held company based in North Vancouver, 
BC, Canada.

For further information, visit www.libranet.com or call Jon Danzig (604) 
986-6507 or email jon@libranet.com.

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