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PROSA Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 has been released!

PROSA Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 has been released!

PROSA Debian is  a distribution based entirely on pre-Debian  2.1. It is
intended  for Italian  users: the  installation  is in  Italian, and  it
includes all the latest docs and man pages available in Italian.

Amongst other advanced features, PROSA Debian:

Includes  only free  software, as  defined by  the Debian  Free Software
Guidelines, as well as free non-us software.

Contains  a very  recent release  of GNOME,  as well  as GNOME  .30 (the
latest 'stable' Debian release).

Has  some packages  which have  been rebuilt  using the  latest upstream
sources, in order to provide users with the latest features.

The number  of package has  been reduced, to  meet the needs  of Italian
users  without the  overhead  of a  multi-CD  installation. The  careful
selection of software packages makes it  possible for Prosa Srl to offer
commercial support on all the software we distribute.

PROSA Debian is distributed together  with a book: "Athena Linux", which
covers major Linux  issues, from Debian installation, to  LaTeX. You can
find out  more information about  the book  (sorry, only in  italian) at
www.mondolinux.com,  and  more  information about  the  distribution  at

>>> PROSA Progettazione Sviluppo Aperto

PROSA is a company entirely  devoted to providing commercial support for
free software: all software we use, produce, or sell is free software.

Davide Barbieri 
paci@prosa.it   - http://www.prosa.it/   - commercial opensource support
paci@debian.org - http://www.debian.org/ - opensource linux distribution

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