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Re: Next team meeting: 2012-12-14 20:00 UTC


Here are my notes from this past Wednesday's meeting.

awscli updates

All of the relevant python aws packages were recently updated to the latest
versions.  And aws-crt-python is waiting in NEW.  This will enable awscli v2.

gitlab pipeline issues

There's been some recently issues with the image build pipeline, especially for
daily generic builds.  They're failing due to the image size limit.  No one had
a great handle on this issue, but it could use some eyes.

Noah also plans to review the installed packages, since it's been a while since
we did so.  He said he plans to post to the list with details about what he


Noah just recently uploaded the latest release of cloud-init to sid.  Ross
started looking at the firewalld issue, but it wasn't quite as simple as
originally thought.  I sent an update to #1025618 earlier today with more

Secure boot future

We discussed the future possibilities for secure boot.  AWS & GCE both are
providing APIs to allow users to provide their own keys for verifying secure
boot images.  This sounds like it'd be great to support.  We had some questions
about what that would look like.

This led to a discussion about going EFI-only for trixie.  There'd probably be
some cost: we'd lose support for some older VM types on some providers.  If you
expect to continue to require BIOS images, it'd be nice hear about your

networking issues for bookworm

There's some outstanding issues related to networking config that'd be nice to
fix before the release.  In partiular, hotplug support for NICs seems to be
broken.  We had some confusion about whether we thought everything was enabled
to support this.  Some further digging is needed.

Thanks everyone,

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